Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Us in Pittsburgh, PA
Christmas 07

At a unit Party
Marriage Retreat

My 2 boys

I hate that I do this often. I start a blog and LOVE it and then just seem to forget about it. As a kid I was always horrible at keeping a journal so I am assuming it has followed me to adulthood. With Mike and I going through so many transitions these days I feel like I need somewhere to vent. Also I have much more time on my hands these days!

Maybe I should start with an about me. I hate talking about me but I will give it a whirl. I am Sarah. First and foremost I am a wife to Mike and a step-mother to his 2 beautiful children. Its hard to believe that we met so long ago. The time has passed so quickly. We moved to Fort Sill, Oklahoma in October of 07. Since moving here I have realized that there really is no place like home. It was not our choice to be here but the Army thinks that this is the place we should be. And honestly, its better than him being in Korea without me like he was before.

I have 3 dogs. Yes... 3. Zander, Inara, and Daisy. They each have their own special personality. I really don't know what kind of loneliness I would be dealing with without them since Mike is away so often. There are days when they drive me crazy but I wouldnt give them back if I had the chance.

We have no children yet. For 17 long months we have been TTC. I was diagnosed with PCOS almost a year ago and started infertility treatments right away. We are quickly running out of options. We have maxed out our clomid cycles so our next step will be injections and that sounds oh so fun. If you missed it, I am totally joking. We have complete faith that God will bless us one day, whether it be with infertility treatments or adoption. In our eyes a child is a child.

Now that I bored you with our life story I will provide some pictures of us just for fun. I mean really... Who doesnt like pictures?!


  1. You guys are so precious!! Love the pics.

  2. Cute pics...and yes you will be blessed with a baby/child one day of your own. Don't give's hard sometimes we get down but keep your head up and press on.

    Thanks for stopping by; nice to meet ya...I'm a follower now so I will be back!